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Online Continuing Education: CEUs for Social Workers, LPCs and LMFTs.

Approved for core clinical and ethics hours by ASWB, NASW, NBCC, CBBS. Accepted in most states. Click here to see approval status in your state.

The convenience of internet study for counseling ceus.

Counseling CEUs have never been so convenient. Now social workers, LPCs and LMFTs can get their CEUs from the comfort of their own home or office. Whether it is CEUs for ethics, for core hours, or to expand your study in non-core hours, yourceus.com, Inc. will be the most convenient way to fulfill your continuing education requirements for licensure or certification.

An exceptional learning experience.

In addition to helping social workers, LPCs and LMFTs to fulfill licensure and certification requirements, yourceus.com, Inc. will provide courses that help clinicians to improve their professional skills. Each course will be carefully prepared to present the most up to date and useful information in any subject area, packaged in a clear, easy to follow format. We don't just want you to get your CEUs, we want you to have an exceptional learning experience.

The courses that clinicians want and need.

yourceus.com, Inc. won't be developing the courses we like to do. We'll be developing the courses you want and need. We'll be in contact with social workers, LPCs and LMFTs around the country to see what courses will be most frequently requested, courses that will be most useful to the work that you do.

New courses in development every month.

If you don't see the course you want right now at yourceus.com, Inc., check back in a few months. We will always have new courses in development. Better yet, contact us, and tell us what courses you would like to see. We'll put the same care into developing our new courses that goes into everything else we do.

Moving towards certification in every state.

If your state hasn't yet approved CEU credits for courses offered by yourceus.com, Inc., check back later. We'll be adding new states all the time. Some states haven't decided to allow CEU credit for core or ethics hours over the internet just yet, but we're working on it, helping to create for you a more convenient option for continuing education. Of course, you can use our training programs for self-study hours at any time.

We'll be working closely with professional organizations.

We will be in regular contact with professional organizations for all the major disciplines in mental health - NASW, LPCA, AAMFT - making sure that what we're doing is meeting the highest professional standards.

Give us feedback at any time.

We're here to provide clinicians with a better way to get their CEUs - a more convenient format, more relevant course material, a higher quality of learning. If you don't see what you want, or don't like what you see, let us know. We welcome feedback at any time. It helps us to improve what we do and makes it more useful to you.

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