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Update on Georgia Diagnosis Law and Rule

The Georgia Composite Board has issued a Notice of Intent with a further draft of proposed rules for the new Diagnosis Law (O.C.G.A. 377) that was passed last April. If you would like a copy of that Notice of Intent, please feel free to email from this web site and we will send it to you as an attachment. 

The newest draft retains the guidelines for requirements from earlier drafts: 

GA clinicians who work with "mental illness, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse" must be prepared to show proof of either: 1) a 3 Credit Hour graduate level course in diagnosis/psychopathology or 2) 45 hours of approved training in diagnosis/psychopathology. Clinicians licensed at the Independent level (LCSW, LPC, LMFT) for at least 10 years before April 26, 2016 are exempt from the rule, as they have been grandfathered in.

The new draft clarifies that only NASW GA, LPCA, GAMFT and the Georgia Society of Clinical Social Workers (GSCSW) may approve a 45-hour training program to meet this new requirement. Clinicians may also secure education for compliance by completing a 3 Credit Hour course in psychopathology/diagnosis from a graduate program prior to the end of day on 12/31/17, the deadline for compliance with this rule. 

If you have concerns and/or suggested modifications to this Rule you would like to offer to the Composite Board, please be advised of your options:
• Written comments can be sent directly to the GA Composite Board. They must be received by Friday April 28th at 5:00 pm. (Instructions within body of letter attached from GA Comp. Board.)
• Attend the Public Hearing scheduled Friday May 5th at 2:20 pm to provide your feedback in person

As further updates become available, will continue to post them on this Blog site. 

Training to meet this requirement is currently available on this site. For clinicians who do not live in the metro Atlanta area, is in the process of working with LPCA, CEU Concepts, TMH Professionals, and the American College of Psychotherapy to create streaming capabilities. We will be streaming this program to numerous locations in Georgia so that people will not need to travel to the Atlanta area to secure this training.

Please feel free to forward questions about this new Rule to from this web site, or call at 888-247-1991.