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Comprehensive Professional Development Program: Cycle 1 2018-2020

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    Comprehensive Professional Development Program:  Cycle 1 2018-2020  36 hours of Continuing Education through 9/30/20
    Attend only the modules you like
    Streaming on Zoom to your home or office
    Full program available in spring/summer 2020
    and fall 2020


    Early Registration Cost:
     One time Payment of $495 for entire program
    Each one day module $90
    Each two day module $175


    Comprehensive Professional Development Program

    Presenting a 10 year, five licensure cycle program designed to provide the right knowledge and skills to become a master clinician in the field of mental health. This program is brought to you by the Collaborative for Professional Clinical Development, comprised of 3 training organizations:, Flourish2Live, and MMH Professional Counseling, LLC.


    Cycle 1

    Cycle 1 Modules:

    Module 1 (12 hours) Key Skills for Building and Maintaining the Therapeutic Relationship   

                            FALL DATE MODULE 1: September 21 & 22, 2020

    Module 2 (6 hours) Suicidality and the Informed Use of the 1013 in Georgia  

                   FALL DATE MODULE 2: September 23, 2020

    Module 3 (6 hours) Real World Best Practices Assessment and Diagnosis  

                      FALL DATE MODULE 3: September 24, 2020

    Module 4 (6 hours) 21st Century Mental Health Ethics: Challenges and Best Practices Solutions   

                                       FALL DATE MODULE 4: September 25, 2020 

    Module 5 (6 hours) Acquiring the Key Skills and Techniques for Competence in Mental Health Practice  

                                             FALL DATE MODULE 5: September 26, 2020


    Curriculum Cycle by Cycle

     Cycle I Curriculum: 2018-2020  Introductory Essentials

     Cycle 2 Curriculum: 2020-2022  Expanding Core Skills

     Cycle 3 Curriculum: 2022-2024  Independent Practice Skills

     Cycle 4 Curriculum: 2024-2026  Mastery and Specialization

     Cycle 5 Curriculum: 2026-2030  Advanced Practice/Leadership


    Application to be made for: _30_ CORE contact hours of continuing education to the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA CE Approval #7842-18 A & B)

    Application to be made for:_6_ ETHICS contact hours of continuing education to the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA CE Approval #7842-18 C)

    Application to be made for: 30 core and 6 ethics hours of Continuing Education to the National Association of Social Workers – GA Chapter, as authorized by the GA Composite Board.

    This course is not NBCC approved.


    Objectives for each module available 



    Your Trainers:

    Charlie Safford, LCSW   President,, Inc. 

    Louis Boynton, PhD, LPC   President, Flourish2Live

    Mary Margaret Hill, LPC   President, MMH Professional Counseling, LLC



    Refund Policy: 

    Full refunds will be issued up to 14 days prior to the conference. Cancellations received less than two weeks from the start of the conference will be refunded at 80% of the conference costs up until the day before the conference. Cancellations received after the last day before the start of the conference will not be refunded, but 50% of the paid amount may be applied towards other live or online courses from