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TMH2577 - Telemental Health Review and Post-test towards the Certificate of Specialization

$ 25.00

Certificate of Specialization in Telemental Health: Review and Post-test

This post-test and the certificate of specialization is only available for use by clinicians who have already attended all three days of the three-day, 20-hour live Telemental Health conference provided by and EAP Works.

Presenting a brief review of material and the post-test for a certificate of specialization in Telemental Health. Upon successful completion of this post-test, trainees will be emailed a copy of the Certificate of Specialization. 

This test consists of series of questions addressing a number of aspects of Telemental Health, including technology, clinical complications of Telemental Health, and ethical considerations. Trainees during the post-test may review materials that were provided during the three-day conference, may take as long as they like to complete the post-test, and may take the post-test as many times as they need to in order to achieve a passing score. 

Please note that this test will represent a legitimate test of the trainee's knowledge of the core material that any clinician must know in order to practice Telemental Health in a competent manner. Questions will be detailed and will cover a comprehensive scope of the material in the subject area. It is recommended that prior to taking this test, trainees spend some time reviewing the materials from the three-day conference.