The Clinical Care Transition Service:

A Service Provided by yourPracticeSupport, a Division of


We make sure your clients are transitioned in the event you experience a practice terminating event. 



One of the most important – and most overlooked – ethical responsibilities of every mental health clinician is to have a plan in place to transition their clients to new caregivers if the unexpected happens and they are no longer able to manage their caseloads due to death or incapacitation. Clients need to be contacted. Referrals need to be made for ongoing care. Records need to managed for many years, then disposed of appropriately when the time limit for holding them has passed. Releases of information and requests to review files need to be responded to in professional and ethical ways. And everything has to be completed in HIPAA compliant ways and in ways that take best care of clients.


$44.00 Per Year for Complete Coverage

For just $44.00 a year, yourPracticeSupport’s Clinical Care Transitioning Services will cover all your responsibilities should you experience a practice terminating event. We will contact your clients and help to refer them to appropriate new providers. We will contact your insurance panels, professional organizations, malpractice carrier and licensing bodies to notify them of your status change. We will gather and keep secure your client records. We will manage releases of information and requests for case records from your clients, and dispose of records in an ethically compliant manner. We will make sure all of your ethical obligations of practice are met in the most professional manner.



We will provide you with a detailed Service Agreement that has been composed to meet all state and federal laws and statutes, as well the highest ethical standards, for full  HIPAA and professional compliance. We will provide you with all documents to prepare for a transition in the event it is needed. We will provide you with update forms if you need to update your practice information, and send out annual reviews.



If you would like additional information about this important service, feel free to click the link below. This will  take you to the CCTS page on the web site. You may also simply call our toll-free number (888-247-1991) or email us with your questions. We are happy to answer all your questions and help get you started. 


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