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Georgia Comprehensive Professional Development Program . . . . 2019-2020 Licensure Cycle

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  • 36 Contact hours including ethics
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    Presenting phase one (2018-2020) of a 10-year, 5-licensure cycle program designed to serve as a professional development institute for Georgia's clinicians. Each phase will provide a fully integrated curriculum of excellence to transfer the key knowledge and skills to operate as a Master clinician in Georgia. The first phase will offer a 36-hour, five (5) module program for the 2018-2020 Georgia Licensure cycle, establishing the foundational knowledge for the more advanced coursework to follow in subsequent licensure cycles. Each program will be carefully prepared, with extensive handouts and reference materials to support ongoing learning and development. 

    Offered through a collaboration between ,, MMH Professional Counseling, LLC and Flourish2LIve

    Completion of this training program will provide all necessary CE credits for the current licensure cycle ending 9/30/20, including ethics hours.


    Fall Schedule: 36-hour training program: 5 live modules streamed directly to your home or office.




    Module 1: June 4-5 or September 21-22, 2020

    21st Century Tools for the Effective Use of Self in Practice

    12 Core hours

    Course Description: 

    Current research indicates the most important factor in positive clinical outcomes for clients is the characteristics of the clinician themselves, rather than treatment modality used. This course draws upon current research in neuroscience, combined with long-held and relied upon theories, to assist practitioners in developing the characteristics of an effective therapist, to include self-management and self-regulation in practice. 


    Module 2: June 19 or September 23, 2020

    Suicidality and the Informed Use of the 1013 

    6 Core hours

    Course Description: 

    Current research indicates that suicide is now one of the most frequent ways that certain population groups are likely to die, including military veterans at the rate of about 22 per day. Suicidal clients also represent one of the most challenging and stressful groups of clients that mental health clinicians will have to treat. This course will assist practitioners in developing best practices for conducting a thorough assessment for suicidality and will prepare clinicians for conducting an appropriate involuntary hospitalization for clients at imminent risk. 


    Module 3: July 11 or September 24, 2020

    Real World Best Practices Assessment and Diagnosis 

    6 Core hours

    Course Description: 

    Our ability to provide effective treatment is dependent upon our skill in correctly identifying the nature and causes of the client’s problems. The DSM-5 and the ICD-10 coding systems for mental and psychological problems represent an organizing approach for denoting a client’s problems and connecting those problems to research backed best practices treatment approaches. This course will provide a detailed overview of best practices in assessment and diagnosis, with extensive handouts outlining the most common conditions clinicians are likely to see, as well as forms and templates for assessment, allowing the clinician to improve aptitudes in this important clinical area.


    Module 4: July 17 or September 25, 2020

    21st Century Mental Health Ethics: Challenges and Best Practice Solutions

    6 Ethics hours

    Course Description: 

    Ethical decision making in the 21st Century poses numerous challenges for the mental health clinician, including maintaining privacy and confidentiality in the era of social media and electronic communication, increasingly diverse client populations, and changing landscapes for what is considered pathology in the era of gender fluidity and different viewpoints on non-traditional sexual practices. This course will provide detailed guidelines for how to navigate these changes while remaining ethically compliant, with models of decision making and a template to lead the clinician through a best practices ethical decision making process.


     Module 5: July 25 or September 26, 2020

    Acquiring the Key Skills and Techniques for Competence in Mental Health Practice

    6 Core hours

    Course Description: 

    This course is designed to establish a foundation for the acquisition and utilization of the key skills and techniques for mental health practice within the major theoretical frameworks that define clinical practice. Clinicians will learn and use a case conceptualization template to help determine the nature of the problems presented by the client and how the case conceptualization will direct the clinician to the appropriate approach and techniques. Additionally, clinicians will receive extensive handouts on the many different techniques of clinical practice, and guidelines for how to use techniques in a well informed manner. This will prepare the ground for more detailed and extensive training in each of the major theoretical schools of thought in subsequent training programs.



    Pre-registration price for the full program:   $495   

    Pre-registration price for each module: Fall Schedule - $95 per one day module  and $175 per two day module 

    Price at the door for each module: Fall Schedule - $105 per one day module  and $190 per two day module 




    Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued at any time prior to attendance at any live module. Refunds will be issued minus the amount of credit card fees.